Millennium Soy Wax Beads


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Easy Melt and Pour Millennium Soy Wax from American Soy Organics.

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Millennium Soy Wax

Our MILLENIUM blend is designed for better color retention, less frosting, and smoother tops in a finished candle. It’s a 100% natural soy wax blended with all-natural botanical waxes that produce an excellent finished product that’s the most stable of any container soy wax on the market. 
Even with its higher melting point, it will give a warm, aggressive burn with tremendous fragrance throw throughout your home when burning. Perfect for candle businesses that ship or haul products in hot or cold climates. 
This wax needs NO additional additives. You do NOT need to preheat your jars when using MILLENIUM Soy Wax.
  • Heat wax to 160 degrees F
  • Slowly stir in up to 12% fragrance*
  • Let cool to 110-115 degrees
  • Gently pour into your ambient glassware.
*Do not aggressively stir or whisk as this can cause aeration; which will cause extra shrink in your wax. Please test each fragrance, as burn quality will differ based on the fragrance used.
Tips: While this wax is a favorite of many, it generally takes a little longer to learn how to use it. We recommend heating your wax above 150°F, then blending in your fragrance and color. Cool to 115°F or less before pouring for a perfect single-pour candle. This requires patience but will leave you with positively exquisite soy candles.
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6 reviews for Millennium Soy Wax Beads

  1. Rossi Nava

    The Freedom, M100 & Millenium waxes are amazing! Candlemaker since 1998 and I can honestly say I have tried a ton of different wax. I ONLY ordered from two specific companies (EcoSoya & Enchanted Lights) I was a loyal customer for many many years until they both went out of business and I too took a hiatus from candlemaking from 2010-2018. ReOpening my candle business was trying because I could not find the right wax for my candles. I am happy that I kept looking! I tried soooo many waxes in the last 3 years and finally!…finally! I found my wax! Here is to another 10+ years of loyalty!

    • Eric Sparrow

      Thank you Rossi, for this super-helpful review! We’re delighted to be a part of your continued success!



  2. Heather Sanders (verified owner)

    Millennium wax is the BEST wax out there, in my opinion. I’ve tried other wax, 464 soy, coco soy (c3) but I always come back to this wax. I can’t recommend it any higher than 5 ⭐️, otherwise I would.

    • Eric Sparrow

      Hi Heather!

      There are so many makers out there who will benefit from your helpful review!

      Thank you for taking the time to let them know about your experience. We really appreciate your confidence in our products!


  3. Jenn Robinson (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful wax, throws well (cold & hot) and great to work with when creating your own formulas. I’ve bought several 45 lb bags and it’s my primary wax. I love that I can be confident in the quality of the wax and can stand behind the business. Highly recommended!

    • Tasha Pearson

      Hello Jenn,
      Thank you so much for the review. I know customers will find it helpful went searching for which product they are wanting. Thank you and have a great week!!

  4. aaronshearth (verified owner)

    I love it, great CT/HT. Instructions are right on the bag. They’re super close to me so shipping costs are very good. If you’re curious about using this wax, I’d recommend giving it a try!

    • Tasha Pearson

      Thank you so much for your review, our customers will find it helpful when searching which wax works best for them!! Thanks again!!

  5. Sarah Cayce (verified owner)

    Excellent CT and HT. I personally get better results adding FO at 185F. The premier wick series works great with this wax

    • Tasha Pearson

      Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for your review and your insight on your best results and when you add FO. Our customers will love to hear from other customers and what works best for them!

  6. emagee1153 (verified owner)

    I have used your product for a good while, But Just rececently ordered from here..wish i had found you sooner! Shipping was excellent, arrived very quickly and this product along with your other products is the best i have found Highly recommend using it. Will being ordering much more

    • Tasha Pearson


      Thank you so much for your kind words!! We really strive to make the best products for our customers and be the best for our customers. We are glad you are here!!

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