Beeswax Beads


  • ALL-NATURAL YELLOW BEESWAX – Our all-natural yellow beeswax comes filtered and in a bead form. It has a natural yellow color and smells with no additives.
  • PERFECT FOR CANDLE-MAKING – This wax is ideal for making all-natural beeswax candles. Adding beeswax to your candles will decrease shrinkage and increase burn time.
  • COSMETIC GRADE – Can be used to make home care products, salves, lotions, lip balms, and cosmetics.
  • BEESWAX BEADS – Available in convenient beads/pastilles to ensure easy use and faster melting.
  • FILTERED FOR PURITY – Our wax has been filtered to eliminate debris and provide the purest all-natural beeswax.

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Beeswax Beads

Product Description:

Our all-natural beeswax has a natural yellow with no additives. It has been filtered to eliminate debris to ensure the purest all-natural beeswax. It’s great for hobbyists looking to make all-natural candles, salves, lip balms, and other home care products!
With its natural yellow color and light sweet smell, all-natural yellow beeswax is perfect for candle-making. Beeswax can be used alone or added to other natural waxes to create a unique candle blend. Adding beeswax to candles decreases shrinkage and increases burn times. Beeswax candles burn cleaner longer than most other candles.
Cosmetic Grade: Our all-natural yellow beeswax is cosmetic grade. It can be used to make home care products, salves, lotions, and lip balms. Adding beeswax to body care products can improve their consistency and appearance.
Easy to Use Beads
Our all-natural beeswax is available in convenient beads/pastilles. These small beads ensure easy use and faster melting.
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