Benefits of Soy Wax

Switch to the easier, cleaner, and more versatile wax

The benefits of soy wax lead both hobby and professional candle makers to make the switch from other forms of wax every day.  Soy wax beads and similar products offer benefits to both maker and end-user, from cleaner burns to scent distribution.

Here are some big reasons to make soy beads part of your candle-making formula for success.

Soy is Renewable and Sustainable

Whether you love to live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, want to be sure the products you use don’t harm others, or you simply want a more natural product in your home, soy wax fits the bill.  Soy is made from plants and is, therefore, a renewable natural resource.  

Clean, Long Lasting Burns

Soy wax candles last longer than conventional paraffin wax candles.  Because it burns at a lower temperature, the amount of heat required for a flame to stay lit is reduced, which also reduces the amount of wax required to fuel the wick.  For those candle makers timid to make the switch from paraffin, an easy next step is to add soy to your formula or move to a soy-paraffin blend, which will give a cleaner, longer burn to your existing formula.

Easy To Work With

Soy wax is easy to work with and can be melted in a common microwave oven for the easiest candle making experience ever.  Typically offered in flake format, the easiest by far can be found in a soy bead format.

If you’ve ever tried to clean up melted wax from a table cloth or piece of furniture, then you know how impossible conventional wax can be to clean.  Soy wax is actually water-soluble. So instead of relentlessly scraping the wax or blasting it with cleaning chemicals and hoping for the best, you can clean it with soap and water. 

Money in Your Pocket

Because soy wax is grown on US soil, there are significant cost-savings in soy wax versus paraffin wax, which in most cases is transported from overseas.  Soy candles present a unique opportunity for candle makers since it has a higher perceived value among consumers while typically delivered at a lower cost.  Lower cost + increased value = Win!


No other available candle wax contributes to our US economy the way that soy wax does.  Soybeans are grown on American soil by American farmers. The soybeans are then transported to local elevators where they are loaded on a rail car to food processing facilities where the soy wax is produced.  The wax is delivered to countless candle makers and entrepreneurs, who make the world’s cleanest-burning candles. These candles are sold by store-owners, bought by consumers, and burned to create incredible fragrance experiences world-wide.

Because soybeans are a renewable resource, this process continues year-after-year without depleting our supply of natural resources.

Try Soy Wax and Experience the Difference

Candlemakers at all levels can experience the benefits of working with soy wax for themselves.  The best way to see just how beautifully this product melts and pours– and how amazing the finished results can be– is to work with it yourself.  You’ll love how easy it is to create your own masterpieces!

Soy beads make candle making quick and easy. Whether you’re a first-time candle maker, a hobbyist, or an expert, you can be happy with the final results of your project with this high-quality product.