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Easy Melt and Pour Midwest Container Soy Wax Beads from American Soy Organics

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100% Soy Container wax from America's Heartland.

Our 100% MIDWEST Soy is a container wax that is tremendous as-is, or as a base for your own custom formulation. With a 125 degree F melting point, this formulation gives great adhesion to your jars and offers very little shrink when poured cool. You can get better colors and tops when mixing 5% SOY MODIFIER to this wax.

For those who want full control of their specific wax blend, this wax acts as a very stable base for your creation. This wax will hold a fragrance load of up to 10% in its raw form, making it one of the best candle bases available. Readily available and compatible with most other waxes, including paraffin and beeswax, your custom wax formulation is easy to create with this wax.

Note: If you’re a beginner and want a simple, high-quality wax, we recommend starting with FREEDOM Soy Wax, and moving to MIDWEST CONTAINER as you get your formulas dialed in when creating your unique branded products.

For best results:
  • Heat wax to 160 F (see update below).
  • Stir in your fragrance and/or color.
  • Pour immediately into your candle jar.
***UPDATE*** Some of our labeling suggests adding your fragrance at 140F.  While this is true for most fragrances, we find that 160F is a more universal temperature for many fragrances.  Be sure to test each fragrance for best results.

*Vigorously stirring your wax can cause aeration, which is a no-no for soy candle production. Always test your fragrance and wicks for proper burning qualities.
Tip: This wax is compatible with most other candle waxes and offers a tremendous base for adding beeswax, paraffin, or other waxes to customize your blend. 
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2 reviews for Midwest Container Soy Wax Beads

  1. Brandon Conrad (verified owner)

    Have gone through multiple 45 lb bags and customers love the 100% natural soy wax with great results. Candles smell amazing.

    • Tasha Pearson

      Hi Brandon!!

      We love that you are having great results! And yes, what better way to make candles than with natural soy! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to say these kind words to us!

  2. benrand37 (verified owner)

    I do love this wax, especially its potential for fragrance loads. I use this wax along with freedom coconut wax for my candles. My only complaint/problem has been issues with rough tops and some wet spots. I have tried multiple combinations of coconut/soy wax blends and at multiple temps but still pretty consistently not getting smooth tops and have had some issues with sink holes as well. At this point it’s hard to say if it’s an issue with my process or something with the wax I am not thinking of. But this has by far been the best wax I have tested with and I do intend to stick with it, I just need to find those small tweaks to get appearance I want.

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