Millennium Soy Wax

Millennium Candle Wax Beads

Millennium candle wax is the wax of choice for candle makers. With an affordable price point, superior color and scent retention, and an amazingly smooth pour and finish, Millennium candle wax is ideal for both beginners and those who already have established candle making skills.

Ethical, Sustainable Sourcing

Millennium candle wax is ethically and sustainably sourced; it is made entirely from plants and it’s cruelty-free. For makers who need a vegan option for candles, Millennium wax offers the best combination of cruelty and animal-free products.

Smooth, Easy Melting

Millennium wax beads are designed to melt evenly and smoothly; ensuring a consistent finish every time.

Scent Retention

Candles made from Millennium wax have superior scent throw and retention. Because candles made from Millennium wax burn more slowly, candles last longer, making them a better value for both maker and buyer.

Create Amazing Container Candles with Millennium Wax

Millennium Container Wax is formulated for use in containers and designed with a higher melt point for a more stable finish. Perfect for shipping in the summer. Millennium Wax is designed to pull away from the sidewalls of your container, allowing your glass jar to reflect the brilliance of the candle behind it. For a single pour, be sure to pour cool (115 degrees F or lower). Many will pour warmer and finish with a heat gun.

Product Details:

  • Melt Point: 130 degrees F
  • Freezing Point: 111 degrees F
  • Fragrance Capacity: 12%
  • Liquid dye capacity: 17 drops per pound max
  • Recommended Wick Series: ECO, Stabilo, HTP, RRD, and WI700 Series
  • For best results: Heat wax to 160F, add fragrance, cool to 115F, and pour.