Soy Pillar Wax

Natural Soy Tart Wax for Candles

Get long-lasting fragrance and stunning results when you use M100 Melt & Tart Wax for Candles for your wax melt creations. Customers and candle makers who love amazing scents but who don’t want an open flame adore our M100 Melt & Tart Wax for Candles! This unique blend of soy wax has been created specifically for use in wax melts and tarts. M100 Melt & Tart Wax for Candles provides a shiny, attractive surface and even scent distribution, so the last tart you pour smells every bit as amazing as the first.

Consistency for Tarts and Melts

M-100 Melt and Tart Wax is available in bead form, so each pellet is uniformly shaped. This approach makes the wax easier to melt evenly, easier to scent and easier to measure. While this type of soy wax is easy enough to use for beginners, it offers unsurpassed results for candle makers with tarts or melts as part of their candle-making line.

Superior Scent Retention

M100 Soy Tart Wax is designed to grab onto the scent you add and retain until the wax is used. As it melts, it will release the scent into the air and allow it to waft gently through the home.

The Strength of Paraffin, but the Benefits of Soy

M100 Melt & Tart Wax for Candles has been specifically blended for wax tarts and melts.

Try Natural Soy Tart Wax for Candles in your next tarts and melts and discover what a difference this precision mix of soy can do for you.

Product Details

  • Melt Point:  145 degrees F
  • Freezing Point:  140 degrees F
  • Fragrance Capacity:  12%
  • Liquid dye capacity:  20 drops per pound max
  • Recommended Wick Series for votives:  CD or Stabilo Series
  • For best results:  Heat wax and additives to 180F, add fragrance and pour immediately
  • Available in our new 25-pound box!