7030 Soy Blend

The Soy Blend of Choice

Interested in getting consistent results every time?  Hating the hassles associated with heating jars or adding color to your candles that just don’t pop? Do you want the benefit of soy wax with reduced hassles in cooling time and product aesthetics?This product is a flat-out workhorse in the candle industry.  Candlemakers who want to get the work done turn to Soybeads.com’s very own 7030 Soy Blend to get great results in a positive, consistent, and productive way.  Profits will rise, and your productivity will soar!

Consistency in Candles. Every Dang Time.

There are candles to be made. There are customers to serve. Your type-A personality doesn’t have time to screw around with candles that need to be babysat after you pour them. Melt it. Mix it. Pour it. Forget it. This robust blend will get the job done.

Superior Scent Throw

Quality soy and American paraffin blend to provide a robust blend that throws fragrance from cold to hot, and performs brilliantly from the top of your jar to the bottom.

The Strength of Paraffin. The Benefits of Soy

This proprietary blend of soy and paraffin has a higher percentage of soy than any other blend on the market. The strength of the blend is in the quality of the raw materials. Relax, man. You’re doing the right thing.

Product Details

  • Melt Point:  122 degrees F
  • Freezing Point:  118 degrees F
  • Fragrance Capacity:  10%
  • Liquid dye capacity:  17 drops per pound max
  • Recommended Wick Series:  ECO, Stabilo, HTP, RRD, and WI700 Series
  • For best results:  Heat wax to 160F, add fragrance.  Pour immediately and reheat top later, or for single pour, pour at 120F
  • Available in our new 25-pound box!